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The Car

Every driving lesson with Martin includes the use of his Automatic Dual Control car.  You can be assured of the full driving experience, whilst having the safety backup of a trained instructor with an additional set of controls.  Get in touch now, lets go!

Nervous Drivers Need Not Worry

Martin is a professionally trained and experienced instructor specialising in helping anxious drivers.  It’s very common to be nervous while learning to drive, and we are here to help.  With our automatic vehicle, changing gear is one less thing to worry about.

Log Book Lessons that won’t break the bank!

We have packages to suit every situation.  If you are paying for your own lessons, you may need our Pay As You Go option.

We also provide packages and bulk discounts to save, with Log Book courses available for those who wish to pay for the whole  package up front!


Pay as you go:

45 Minute Lesson


60 Minute Lesson


90 Minute Lesson


Prepay packages:

5x 60 min Lessons


10x 60 min Lessons


Log Book packages available on request.

Lesson and test:

Pickup and drop off
  • Lesson. Practical Driving Assessment (PDA).
  • Pick up from home, school.
  • 45 minute lesson prior.
  • Arrive at Department of Transport.
  • The use of instructors car for PDA.
  • Complete paperwork.
  • Return home.

Total: $110

Meet at DoT
  • 45 minute lesson prior.
  • The use of instructors car for PDA.
  • Complete paperwork.

Total: $95

About Us

It’sAutomatic Driving Academy

 Martin Neuss

Specialised independent driver with extensive experience driving on WA Roads.

With this valuable experience Martin decided to start It’sAutomatic Driving Academy  in Perth WA.

He is a licensed Driving Instructor through the Department of Transport, servicing Northern/Eastern Suburbs and surrounding areas.

It’sAutomatic Driving Academy


    Extensive experience metro & country roads
    Hyundai I30 Automatic with dual controls
    Delivering up to date driving procedures & skills
    Confidence building measures
    Trained in Interpersonal Communication
    Technique & Tools to reduce Anxiety and Nervousness
    Defensive Driving Course Certificate
    Certificate IV Work Health and Safety
    Working with Children Card
    National Police Clearance
    Zero Hero
    Highest Ethical Standards

    Our Services

    Martin at It’sAutomatic has gone through  extensive Department of Transport standard instructor training and testing to ensure you are in the very best position to learn  and succeed.  Our lessons will quickly increase your confidence, and  teach you everything you need to know from basics all the way through to the requirements for your Practical Driving Assessment before you head off on your own!

    Log Book Driving

    Martin will help you to gain the required supervised hours for you log book, but with more practice in the areas we feel you need, or where you feel less confident…

    Our Instructor

    Martin, our qualified instructor has more than three decades of driving experience behind him, and has taken the Department of Transport instructors test to ensure he is absolutely up to date with the very latest in Australian driving practices.

    Parking Procedures

    We have set parking procedures.  Parking is one of the most important skills a student needs to learn.  We make it easy with five standard procedures we teach from the very beginning…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is ‘Keys2drive’ all about?

    Keys2drive is an Australian Government-funded program providing learner drivers and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson with a Keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

    It is a revolutionary approach to learning road safety and the free driving lesson is an opportunity for the learner driver, driving instructor and parent/supervisor to learn it together.

    The free lesson goes for 60 minutes, during which the Keys2drive accredited driving instructor will explain the Keys2drive learning approach – ‘Find Your Own Way’ – and offer examples of how it can be used when learning to drive. The remaining lesson time includes a practical demonstration of these skills being used and taught and you will be driving.

    The Keys2drive free lesson is not intended to replace normal driving lessons rather, it should complement them by empowering learner drivers to ‘Find Their Own Way’ to becoming safer drivers.

    Learner drivers will receive training in the best ways to practice, helping them gain the confidence they need to prepare for safe P plate driving and beyond.

    Parents/supervisors will come away with tools to help their learner drivers achieve a good foundation for lifelong safe driving.

    How do I claim my free ‘Keys2drive’ driving lesson?

    Go to www.keys2drive.com.au and register for your free lesson.  When you have the eight digit ID from Keys2drive you can get in touch with Martin at It’s Automatic on 0424 328 415 and book in your free driving lesson.

    Do you assist with log book driving?

    Log book driving is about gaining the required number of supervised hours for your log book.  We help you to achieve these hours, and while you are achieving these hours we help you to improve your driving skills and focus on areas of your driving where you need improvement. For anxious drivers, we help you to overcome any fears you may have during these log book hours by working on those areas where you feel less confident.

    Do you already have an overseas license?

    The first thing to find out is whether your overseas license is recognised in Australia.  If you need to pass an Australian test, we can give you lessons to help you with driving in Australia.  We also help you to overcome any bad habits you may have picked up during your previous years of driving.

    You may find useful information at www.transport.wa.gov.au

    What areas of Perth do you cover, and do you provide lessons near Joondalup?

    We don’t have specific areas of cover, so it’s worth calling Martin on  0424 328 415 to book your first lesson.  We try to focus lessons on the area where you plan to take your test, so be sure to let us know whether you plan to take  your test in Joondalup or Mirraboooka for example.

    New To Perth?

    If you are new to Perth you may like help to become familiar with the local area. This can  benefit anxious drivers, and also make passing the practical test easier if you know the test area well. Let us know your requirements and we’ll do our best to help.

    Are there any benefits to driving a car with automatic transmission?

    Absolutely, yes!

    There are many advantages to both  learning to drive, and taking your test in a car with automatic transmission.

    The biggest advantage of automatic transmission is the simplicity.  This can lead to reduced anxiety, faster learning times, and less physical exertion. Let us explain:


    • Automatic vehicles reduce the chances of rolling backwards
    • Chances of stalling
    • The chances of bunny hops
    • Automatic vehicles have one less pedal than manual vehicles.  This allows the driver to focus on other aspects of driving such as the dangers around them, or negotiating a roundabout.
    • When stuck in traffic, manual transmission drivers must work harder depressing both the clutch and the accelerator pedal regularly to crawl along roads at a low speed regularly stopping and starting.
    • Anxious or nervous drivers often prefer to drive automatic transmission vehicles as the reduced actions required of them.

    Need extra help with parking?

    Parking can be one of the most important skills to learn when you are starting out, but some people find it harder that others to master the skills required.  We have put together the processes  that will help you master all aspects of parking quickly, within a few lessons at the most.  We promise you will be parking like a professional, or we will give you free parking lessons or a refund!

    How do we teach parking?  We use the ‘set position’ parking process.  This method has been proven to work time and again. Plus, with the dual controls we use here at It’s Automatic, it should be a stress free experience. 

      Previously failed your test?

      Over half of WA drivers attempting their practical driving test last year failed, according to new statistics from the Department of Transport.

      We know how it feels to fail at something, and we don’t want you to go through that experience again if we can help it.  Here at It’s Automatic, we will assess your driving skills and uncover the areas that are a weakness.  We focus on areas that need more work, and ensure you will be in the best possible position to succeed at your test the second time around.

      I’m an older driver. Can you provide me with a refresher course?

      Absolutely.  The aged re-test is not the same as the standard driving test, and has more of a focus on safe driving by the driver.  Martin will help  you brush up on your perhaps rusty driving skills and gain back some confidence ready for you to tackle the test with a smile.  Our focus is one of patience and repeatability.  We work at a pace you are comfortable with.

      I’m a very anxious driver. Can you help?

      Many people get anxious when they are put behind the wheel of a car.  Our automatic transmission vehicle helps to take away part of this anxiousness by removing some of the processes that are required when driving a manual transmission vehicle.  The less a driver has to think about (or worry about) the more relaxed we find they will be.  Our automatic transmission vehicle also had dual control, which means the instructor can resume control of the car at any point, ensuring safety at all times. Our instructor Martin is also very aware that everyone is different, and therefore that  each individual can worry about different things. We listen to our drivers, and we do our very best to help increase driver confidence in the areas most needing reinforcement.

      Can you provide corporate driver assessments?

      Safety and risk mitigation is key to our driving instruction. We are able to assess and/or instruct your employees and contractors. Where required we can provide feedback or tuition. Please get in touch with Martin on 0424 328 415 to discuss the specific requirements of your company.

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